Jan. 20, 2019

Honored Citizen Day

The purpose of the Los Alamitos Museum Association, Inc. is to collect, advance, preserve and exhibit cultural,
historical, and other related materials so that we and our posterity may receive the full benefit of our city's history.

Our organization has been serving the City of Los Alamitos since July 28, 1975. Our mission is to preserve and perpetuate the cultural and historical heritage of our community. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of our city's history.

Join us at the Museum on Sunday January 20th from 2pm to 4pm while we honor and recognize 2 people from our community who went above and beyond. Free entry, snacks.

Movie Day -Classics

Our Mission

Feb. 24, 2019

Join us on Academy Award Sunday, Feb. 24th from 2pm to 4pm to view an Academy Award winner Classic. (TBD) 

Entry is $2, Free Popcorn and Lemonade. For questions:  Shelli@losalamitosmuseum.org